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Dentist Explains What They Didn’t Teach About Wisdom Teeth!

February 20, 2018

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man dental painWhen you look on YouTube, one of the many funny categories that you can always get a good chuckle from are wisdom teeth removal videos. The actual procedure isn’t funny in itself, but many patients leave their dental office in a woozy state and say crazy things. As entertaining as this may be, there’s much more information that you should know about wisdom teeth—and removing them. Learn all about those back teeth in this week’s blog post!

What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are what the very last set of molars to develop in the mouth. They are the teeth found at the very back of the mouth and they develop usually in the early adult years for most people. These usually first appear quite long after the rest of the adult teeth have already been established in the mouth.

Why do we have wisdom teeth?

Historically, our ancestors would have had use for an extra set of molars for grinding and chewing food that was raw and hard to tear. Research and studies have shown that we had much harsher diets when we had less technology and access to processed or streamlined food sources.

Now however, our need for these back molars has almost completely diminished. Some people don’t get wisdom teeth at all and it’s theorized that this happens because we do not have evolutionary use for them anymore. But if you do, your dentist may recommend having them removed. There are a few reasons why.

When do wisdom teeth have to be removed?

Because wisdom teeth develop so late in the smile and can cause several health concerns, your family dentist will typically recommend removing them. You may need your wisdom teeth to be extracted if:

  • There isn’t enough space for your new teeth in the very back of your smile. In many cases, there is not enough space in the back areas of your mouth for your wisdom teeth to develop. When this happens, your wisdom teeth may begin to overcrowd your other teeth and cause other orthodontic or misalignment issues.
  • They have developed incorrectly. Some wisdom teeth don’t develop into the correct positions, creating problems for your entire smile.
  • They are hard to keep clean. Brushing and flossing teeth at the very back of your mouth can already be challenging without your very back molars being present. If you don’t keep your very back teeth cleaned properly, you’ll develop tooth decay or gum disease in the future. Even if they do begin to develop, there can be flaps of gum tissue present around or on top of your teeth that trap food and dental debris.
  • They never made it outside the gum line. There are many cases where patient’s wisdom teeth become “impacted” or never develop outside of the gum line. This calls for oral surgery to actually extract the teeth from below the gum line.

Are your wisdom teeth developing? Have you ever considered whether it may be wiser to have them removed? It may be time to ask your local dentist for their professional opinion!

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