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Five Tips to Keep Your Smile Healthy During the Holidays

November 5, 2020

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The holidays are here, and with them comes loads of tasty treats filled with sugar and starch. While some of your traditional favorites might be great for your soul, they are not as friendly to your teeth. Fortunately, your local dentist has five tips to share that can help you keep your smile glowing this season while still enjoying some of your favorite holiday foods.

Five Tips to Keep Your Smile Healthy This Holiday Season

Between cookie decorating and spending time around tables with family and friends, savory traditional foods are just part of the package during the holidays. Here are five tips you can practice to show your teeth some love along with your taste buds:

Don’t Forgo Your Routine

This is the simplest and most practical measure to maintain oral health, but it might also be the easiest one to slack on. A lot of people spend the holidays away from home with family or friends and being in unfamiliar spaces makes it easier to drift out of routines. If you suspect you may struggle remembering to brush and floss regularly this holiday season, try setting reminders on your phone or in your calendar to help you stay on track.

Watch Out for Sticky Desserts

The holidays just wouldn’t be right without cookies, pies, and candy galore. They might be seasonal staples, but make sure you drink plenty of water after consuming them in order to wash the cavity-causing sugar out of your mouth.

Don’t Forget the Protein

Various types of bread, mashed potatoes, and stuffing are often invited to holiday dinner. Although they’re comfort foods that your family likely enjoys, the sticky starch in them can cling to teeth. It later turns into sugar, which can promote decay. Instead of a second helping of potatoes, fill up on another slice of turkey or ham.

Mind the Wine

Many families traditionally enjoy fine wine during the holidays, but over time, the dark color in in red wine can cause stains. If you think you’re safe with white, think again. The high acid content in both read and white wines can start to break down the enamel on your teeth. Before you pour another glass, have a sip or two of water to rinse your teeth. Plus, staying well hydrated will protect you from a dry mouth, which can result in the spread of harmful bacteria.

Pack a “To-Go” Dental Hygiene Kit

If you are planning to spend one or more days away from home for the holidays, it’s a good idea to pack a travel-sized toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss. That way, if you have the option, you can step away to clean your teeth after eating. This will help prevent plaque build-up and keep your breath fresh for great conversations.

Whatever your plans are for the holidays, you can enjoy them to the fullest while still taking care of your teeth. Talk to your dentist about all the things you can do to keep your smile shining brightly this season.

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