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Smile Makeover – Carrollton, TX

Begin Your New Smile Journey Today!

It’s one thing for dentists to help you maintain your oral health, but it’s another thing entirely when they help you transform your life for the better. At On Point Dentistry, Dr. Caballeros and Dr. Parra have the expertise and treatments necessary to make your smile look exactly the way you’ve always dreamed of it looking. We don’t want to only help improve your smile, but give you a major confidence and self-esteem boost! Through a combination of cosmetic treatments, we can remove imperfections and restore your smile to its original luster. Don’t let your smile be hidden; contact our office to start your smile journey today!

Changing Your Smile’s Shape

A woman going for a walk outside.

Do your teeth look jagged or malformed because of a dental injury? Have they always looked that way, making it difficult for you to smile? With porcelain veneers, we can effectively cover the original shape of your tooth while ensuring that they look completely natural by the end of treatment!

Making Your Smile Stable

A young couple hugging and smiling.

For many patients, their smile does not have the structural integrity it may have had in the past. With metal-restorations, including dental fillings, crowns and dental bridges, we can make sure that your bite remains even and that you feel confidence smiling to those around you. Not only do these treatments help you improve your smile’s appearance, but they keep them healthy for years to come.

Making it Brighter and Whiter

A closeup of a woman’s smile.

Stained, dull or yellowed teeth can make it very easy to cover your mouth or give a closed-mouth smile whenever it’s time for a photo with friends and family. With the help of our advanced teeth whitening system, Opalescence Boost®, we can make your smile six to eight shades whiter in just one hour-long appointment!

Are You a Candidate for a Smile Makeover?

A woman smiling on the beach.

Most patients are candidates for a smile makeover if they need to remove imperfections from their tooth enamel. As long as you have sufficient oral health and no decay or gum disease that needs to be treated first, we can get you started on your smile makeover treatment plan!

Understanding the Cost of Your Smile Makeover

The last thing you should do is cut corners when it comes to paying for cosmetic dentistry. Choosing dentists who are experienced in performing these treatments means you’ll be far more likely to reach an outcome that you truly desire. If you need help paying for your treatments and your dental insurance doesn’t cover cosmetics, we recommend CareCredit or our office’s in-house Loyalty Savings Program.

Contact Our Carrollton Office to Get Started!

Are you ready to meet with Dr. Caballeros and Dr. Parra to discuss your future treatment? They are fully prepared to work with you every step of the way and listen to your concerns.  If you want to see what potential your smile has and you live in Carrollton or another nearby area, give their office a call today!