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Wisdom Tooth Extractions – Carrollton, TX

How We Make Wisdom Teeth Disappear

Is your teen starting to experience a dull, constant pain towards the back of their jaw? If so, then, their wisdom teeth may be starting to come in. Most people simply don’t have enough room in their mouth for these teeth, leading them to cause all kinds of problems as they try to erupt. Fortunately, we keep a close eye on our patients’ wisdom teeth during regular checkups so we can extract them before they cause any major issues. Under the care of Dr. Caballeros and Dr. Parra, our team can make these troublesome teeth practically disappear.

Why Choose On Point Dentistry for Wisdom Tooth Extractions?

  • Sedation Dentistry Helps Make Any Treatment Comfortable
  • Wisdom Teeth Closely Monitored During Regular Checkups
  • Convenient Early Morning Appointments Available

Everything You Need Right Here in Carrollton

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Most children have most of their permanent teeth by the time they’re 12 or 13. The only exception to this is the wisdom teeth. These teeth—which are also known as our third molars—don’t begin to erupt until somewhere between the ages of 17 and 21.

To help patients who need to have their wisdom teeth removed, Dr. Caballeros offers wisdom tooth extractions. Using our dental office’s advanced tools and patient comforts, we will help you prevent serious changes to your oral health by removing these teeth. We offer this service in-house as a courtesy to you. Patients are always more comfortable undergoing treatment from a team they already know and trust. Other dentists may have to refer their patients to a specialist for this procedure, but we can help you in our own Carrollton dental office.

Contact our Carrollton dental office to learn more or to schedule a consultation visit with Dr. Caballeros.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction FAQs

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Want to know more about wisdom tooth extraction in Carrollton? Removing teeth can seem a bit intimidating. That is why our team collected some of the most common questions about removing wisdom teeth and answered them below. If you have more questions or concerns, do not hesitate to schedule a consultation with Dr. Caballeros or Dr. Parra!

Does Everyone Have Wisdom Teeth?

The vast majority of people, or around 95%, will develop wisdom teeth at some point in their teenage years or early adulthood. While many people develop all four wisdom teeth, some end up with only three, two, or even one. According to the Dental Research Journal, anywhere from 5% to 37% of people are missing one or more of their third molars. Although rare, some individuals are born without any wisdom teeth.  

Why Do Wisdom Teeth Need to Be Removed?

By the time your wisdom teeth grow in, there may not be enough space in your mouth for them to comfortably fit. This can cause your third molars to become impacted, which means they are blocked from fully erupting. Wisdom teeth can also become impacted if they grow in at an odd angle and push against nearby teeth. Either way, impacted wisdom teeth can be a major source of pain and lead to various dental complications.

Removing impacted wisdom teeth can provide immediate pain relief. Even if your wisdom teeth are not causing you pain, extraction can decrease the risk of oral disease and gum inflammation in the future. Finally, removing wisdom teeth can also help pave the way for orthodontic treatment.

How Are Wisdom Teeth Removed?

When you come to OnPoint Dentistry for wisdom tooth removal, you can rest assured that you will be comfortable throughout your visit. Dr. Caballeros or Dr. Parra will use local anesthesia to numb the area before beginning oral surgery. Dental sedation is also available for patients who may be feeling especially anxious.  

To begin, your oral surgeon will first make a small cut in the gums to reveal the tooth. They may then drill or break the tooth into smaller sections before removing the pieces one by one. Once the tooth is removed, your oral surgeon will clean the site before stitching the gum tissue back together.

What Are Dry Sockets?

After a tooth is removed, a blood clot forms over the extraction site. This blood clot protects the underlying bone and nerve endings in the empty tooth socket. When a blood clot becomes dislodged, the result is a painful condition known as dry socket. Severe pain and persistent bad breath are some of the unpleasant symptoms of dry sockets. To keep your protective blood clot in place and prevent dry socket, avoid spitting, smoking, and drinking through straws for a least a week after wisdom tooth removal.

Does Dental Insurance Cover Wisdom Tooth Extractions?

Your dental insurance will likely cover between 50% to 80% of the cost of wisdom teeth extraction in Carrollton. However, every insurance plan is different. Before scheduling oral surgery, be sure to confirm your coverage with your insurance provider. Our knowledgeable team will be happy to help you understand the details of your dental insurance plan. We accept most major PPO plans and always strive to help patients maximize their insurance benefits.